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I did the friends cut! Hopefully this will stay public as it wont let me change my future entries to public (cos I did it in the admin console) and anyway I'm editing a past-public entry so yeah :D

If I cut you and you didn't want to be cut, this is the place where you can say "please add me again!" and I probably will do so :D


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I love you, KT.

Add me.


hey, it's steffi. 2sleepy2speak
this is my friends-only journal so you can add me ^_^;; if you want...

kt why the hell am i removed from your friends list? i know you irl for gods sake

Hello~!! I read your profile!! my name is mangamaster! can I friend you?! PLEASE?! you can read my profile!! can I add you?!



thank you for my birthday message katie!! i miss you too!!
speak soon love u loads, love sadie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey i noticed you were a sonic the hedgehog fan and I was wondering if you wanted to be mutual friends. I look forward to your answer. Later ;)

Sure I'll add you now :) nice to meet you ^^

Hello my old friend

hey Kt it is Anthony Conyers here how r u ok i hope. i bet u thought i had for got u lol don't think so. anyway how ru gd i hope what is it like in kangaroo country say hi to vicky for me plz u best e-mail or add me on msn lord_anthony_2@hotmail.com anyway cherub speak to u in a bit love ya mexxxxxx

hi! your sister hino_rei doesn't seem to be using her account. do you know if she's saving it for someone, or something? I'd really like to have it if she isn't.

yeah sure you can have my account.. if i can remember the password!

I have the password. AIM me for it, NoiseOnTheWire

heh! well, no pressure.

Hey HEY!!!!
I have started up dating this pile of poooooo LJ again, sodo add me back, please.... Or I'll cry

hi, ive added you as a friend cause.. you said to add you on your info thingy, so i thought what the hell and did!
anyways im 18 female and a friend of capricorn87!
Hi *waves cheerily*
nice to meet you *hugs*


well i dont know how this works i think i read omthing about you saying i needed to comment? oh well im sure ill get the hang of this stuff sooner or later.

i'm liking the new layout :D

Id love to be able to read your journal, even tho we dont know each other :) add me if you wish. lauren x ps your journal is beautiful :D

dude, its alex. longtimenospeak. guess what - i have broadband now, and.. RAGNAROK. i'm not sure if you still play that, but, its awesome & i heart it.

anyways, add muhself. AND COME ON MSN PLZ.

Thou wilt notb etray me, outlander?

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