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Comment to be added or else!

Don't worry :) I'm keeping everyone!

^_^() Friends' only... comment or be blasted by irritated, baby-sitting Vegeta...

Hehe... I love that friends only sign. xD

Leave me on if you would.

Of Course :)

Wow that would suck making alot of friends only entries lolol I would get so bored *HUGS TIGHT* MWA :) Add me weirdo

That Dork

It does suck, it's sooo boring! *Hugs back*

LMAO. Holding a baby Trunks would make me irate, I tell you what. :D Now if it was future Trunks...

I wouldn't mind holding a baby Trunks...
.. But if it was Mirai Trunks.. Mmm.. XDXD

keep meh plzzzz <3 Michael

Of course I will, don't worry! ^^ *Hug*

*tries to follow the trend*
Delete me!.. wait *scratches head* keep me right?

That made me smile :)

Of course I'm gonna keep you!

Go on then, keep me on your list. I enjoy reading about your job at McDonalds, it was the kind of job my dad would try and insist I should get when I was younger!

Teehee! Of course I'm keeping you. I'm glad you like reading about my adventures in Hell Mcdonalds ^-^

actually I'd liek to be kept on but we never really talk or anything o_O;;

Sure I'll keep you and I'll make a mental note to talk to you more as well :)

Love the picture... you taking ppl off your list? Cause if so you can get ride of me if you like, since we never talk, but its all good if you keep me.

~Dj death

Thanks for liking the picture. I wont get rid of you, don't worry. I'll make another mental note to talk to you more as well ^-^


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