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Okay I cleaned my friends list and this is a public post.

If I deleted you and I wasn't meant too, like you commented or something, then post it on this entry and I'll add you back, also if you didn't have time to comment, and you were deleted, and want to be added back, then post a comment on this entry.

Good boys and girls <3 you all!

Edit: If I delete you, it's not because I hate you or anything x_X; It's just that I had over 300 friends and it was getting too much for me to handle and I couldn't read everyones journals x_x sorry darlings. If you really want to be on my friends list, then comment okay?

<3 you.

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;-; I wanna be back on, I like reading your journal, though I know I never comment. xD Sorry. +Squee.+

Okay ^-^ *Adds you back*

You accidently removed terryn Add him back as he did comment! =P

(Deleted comment)
Heya! Sorry about that I didn't mean to delete you x_x my bad *Gives you lollies and hugs to say sorry* I added you back ^-^

Thankz 4 keepin me then.


Hey hey! You took me off :P boo. *shrug* Totally understandable. I never commented. I suck! ;) Twas nice knowing you though. Still love your icons ^__^;)


Aaah I didn't mean to delete you!! Eeek! *Huggles* I added you back! X.X Sorry!!

Really? Rock on. Thankies. *hugs* Added yuh back as well ^__^ np

Pwease put me back on? o.o;

I'm sorry, I haven't had the chance to look at my friends page recently so I've missed out on a lot of things. I would like to be added back but you don't have to if you don't want to. ^_^;

Okay ^_^ I added you back *Hug*

oo no :( i commented,somewhere to say i wanted to stay.Oh never mind,but i enjoy reading your journal and if i could be added it would be appreciated kt! xx

I added you back ^-^ Sorry about deleting you x_X;

Awww love me!!! *HUGS* add me back lol :)I read I read!

That Dork

GACK. xx; ::keeps forgetting to comment:: Add me? ;-;

Just curious, where did you get the base for the blinkies in your profile? Hi, BTW, I used to be on your friends list, but you don't have to add me again, I understand. ;)

I'd like to be added... even though I wasn't before you deleted people. ^^'

Heeeey! I added you back ^_^ *Hug* Welcome to my LJ I guess!

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